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Aryes Hall

Present with confidence at the UT Conference Center. When we host your meeting, we provide you with the most advanced equipment available and full-time professional technical support.


Projection & Presentation Systems
Enhance your presentation by using one of our HD projectors or TV monitors to better engage your audience. Your next technical presentation will sizzle with unforgettable impact.


Multimedia Technology and Equipment: Audio Systems
Quality audio amplification is essential to the success of any large conference. Our audio systems will let you fine tune the volume yourself with wall-mounted dials located in the room. We offer an array of additional audio enhancement options are available to you.

Stand-alone or tabletop lecterns.

Wireless hand held or lapel microphones. Many of our best presenters insist on these for freedom of movement and flexibility.

Multimedia interface. We often route audio from computers and phones through the house speakers for maximum effect from your presentations.

Sound Engineering. We can provide an in-room audio engineer, if your event has complex audio needs.


Multimedia Technology and Equipment: Computer Resources
The UT Conference Center features two state-of-the-art multimedia computer labs. Each lab is equipped with up-to-date Dell computers that run on the latest XP operating systems software. Custom client software can easily be installed at each work station for employee or customer training programs. If you need an instructor for your computer training sessions, we can provide them through UT non-credit programs.

Each student workstation enjoy full multimedia equipment - stereo sound cards with comfortable headsets and microphones which let your guests experience the sounds of your work, while access to high speed CD-ROM playback systems make graphic-intensive work easy and fast. Ergonomically adjustable furniture keeps guests comfortable, while the instructor's computer screen can be displayed via monitors.

Network Connectivity
Each workstation within the labs has direct connection to the Internet. The University provides a wireless system that with just a few minutes from our technical staff will allow you access to the Internet with your own wireless laptop as well.

Portable Computer Service
If you need just one computer instead of an entire lab, we also offer rental laptops and printers.

Sample Audiovisual/Misc. Offerings

LCD Computer Projection Package $160
Standard Flip Chart Package $25
Easel $5
Standard Overhead Package $25
TV/VCR/DVD Package $80
Laptop Computer $100
Wireless Lavalier Microphone $40
Skirted Exhibit Table $20
Table Linen $10
Rates listed for a standard business day. Four-hour rates are also available for most items.


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